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Welcome - 7/6/2015

My name is Boston James, but you can call me "Boston" for short. I'm currently homeless, I live out doors in Ocean Beach, CA. (San Diego) I just got my new website together, I am the first homeless guy on the internet. I'm trying to start up a legitmate business selling T-shirts so I can get off the streets.

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Hey everyone, check out the new OB Snitch Cam. I hope you like it. Now you can see where I'm at, without leaving the comfort of your own home or office. Isn't the internet swell?

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  I'm going to add a "members only" section to my website. You gotta kick me down a few bucks if you want access. If you wanna be part of the "sandbox", you gotta pay the membership fee, OK?

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Sometimes I like to relax and have a few beers, nothing wrong with that.   Keep updated with all the latest info, make sure you visit my site often.  
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